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Mogie enjoys Christmas in July with a catnip candy
cane stick at St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center

Mr. Mau prepares for takeoff

Lawrence, from Wisconsin is happy to help open
any catnip packages you might have.

Mittens spends some quality time in a catnip-
scented box at St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center

Inge, from Fairbanks, Alaska
maintains a firm grip on his Ratherbee cigar

Bob with a Catnip Cigar

Sophisticated "Snuffy," from Louisiana
enjoys her evening El Gato catnip cigar

Cowboy, the Original El Gato Cigar label model
hiding from his fans

Teddy Bearz of Quebec, Canada
savors a Nip Stick

Cuddles surveys her territory at
The Blue Cat in Key West, Florida

Charlie bites into his new Luna Moon

Ginger takes possession of
her brother Charlie's Luna Moon

Princess, from sunny Florida
unwinds with her Ratherbee carrot

Boudicca, from NYC catches forty winks
with her Ratherbee cigar

CJ the serval from AVJ Natural Cat
having a ball on his 14th birthday

Traffic backs up for Chase
visiting Confetti Cats - a unique
gift store in Cincinnati, OH

Angel falls into a
catnip bear-induced trance

Muffin, from the Netherlands
having sweet dreams
with a Ratherbee catnip cigar

Rodney of Fairbanks, Alaska keeps a
watchful eye out for intruders while
guarding his Ratherbee catnip cigar

Gizmo models his Sunday-best pancake hat

Sambuca curls up for a nap
with a Ratherbee Le Rat

Nicole says Sambuca is
the cutest baby cat ever

BB from Oregon curls up
with a Ratherbee Carrot

Noodles from San Francisco
enjoying his Ratherbee catnip cigar

Henry contemplates his next move

Stormy from Connecticut checks to see if the coast is clear

Gracie takes it easy with her new Ratherbee Luna Moon

KC kicks back with her Ratherbee cigar

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